Production Overview

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The Funky Knuckles Stage Plot Inputs.jpg

Stage Plot

6 piece band.

Keys stage left. Drums stage right. Horns front/back. Bass near hi-hats. Guitar stage left behind keys.

Click below to download a printable version of our stage plot and input list.

sound board.jpeg

Input List

*(1) Professional quality Bass Drum mic (Beta 52, E902, D6, or similar)

(2) Professional quality Snare Drum mics

(3) Professional quality Tom mics (one rack, one floor)

(1) Professional quality Hi-hat mic

(2) Professional quality Overhead mics

*(1) Stereo DI for Nord Stage EX

*(1) Mono DI for Moog Sub 37

(1) Professional quality mic for the guitar amp (SM57 or E609 preferred)

(1) XLR Line Out for bass

*(2) Professional quality dynamic mics for horns; saxophone and trumpet (SM58, SM57, MD 421 II, or similar)

(1) SM58 or similar to talk to the audience. Placed by the bass amp.

**(6) Separate monitor mixes

**(6) Monitor wedges


* The two horn microphones, kick, and inputs for the two keyboards are imperative. Everything else is at the engineers discretion. 

** If (6) mixes or wedges are not available, we can get away with as few as (4) separate mixes and (4) wedges.


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