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The Funky Knuckles is a world class jazz orchestra made up of genetically enhanced cybernetic super men. They have played at the finest venues around the world delivering mind blowing rhythms and harmonic complexity that will shatter your fragile psyche and leave you drowning in a pool of fresh llama milk. The band members are as brilliant as they are handsome and they have performed with people such as the legendary Phill Aelony. This unstoppable crime fighting squadron will make you dance like a kraken on meth before you burst into tears of joy which can be combined with powder from a ground up cobra skull to synthesize the elixir you need to pass through solid objects.

Wes Stephenson / Bass

Cedric Moore / Drums

Phill Aelony / Guitar

Ben Bohorquez / Saxophone

Evan Weiss / Trumpet

Kwinton Gray / Keyboards


Knuckles tour



2012 r elease on Ground Up.

2012 release on Ground Up.

As of Lately


2014  release on Ground Up.

2014 release on Ground Up.



2016 r elease on Ground Up.

2016 release on Ground Up.

New Birth


New Birth Cover.jpg

New Birth

by The Funky Knuckles





All of our booking is done through Hoplite


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